How Ginseng and Pearl Powder beneficial to skin


Ginseng is one of the most precious herbs and has been widely used in Asian traditional medicine since ancient times. Why Asian loves this herb? Not only is it good for our health, it also carries beneficial properties for our skin. This superfood contains high levels of vitamins and minerals which help prevent aging, protect the skin from free radicals, boost circulation, reduce lines & wrinkles and maintain the skin elasticity. It suits for all skin types especially aged and sensitive skin.

Pearl is not only precious jewellery, but also high valued Chinese medicine. Pearl powder has been widely used for medical and cosmetic use since ancient in Asia. Containing a number of amino acids, high concentrations of calcium and over 30 trace of minerals, it is known to help improve skin appearance, rebuild collagen and promote hydration which works great for age-defying. As it is a good detoxifier and relaxant, it is beneficial for acne skin as well.

We add these two brilliant ingredients into our face cream combining with other powerful natural ingredients such as rose floral water, jojoba oil, avocado oil and calendula extract. This formula beneficial to all skin types especially for mature skin and can be used as day cream and night cream.