About us


Who we are? 

Mark (Husband) + Yee (Wife) + Handmade with love = Mark & Yee Studio

Why we started?

We know how hard to find natural skincare that really suits your skin. Mark and I understand how difficult it is to find natural, affordable skin care that cares for your skin. So we set about creating our own! Growing up with eczema, I really struggled to find products that suited my skin. Many commercial options contain chemicals and other substances that irritated my condition. It wasn’t until a friend gave me a handmade soap that I realised how beneficial natural skincare products could be. From that point, I started making soaps and skincare by myself. It wasn't easy to learn all that but after so many trials and failures, I just fell in love with what I made and my skin got much better and healthier. We did many researches and joined different skincare and soap workshops and courses in Hong Kong and Taiwan. We made all skincare and body care by ourselves and gave that to our family and friends. They really liked it and asked "Why don't you sell these good stuffs and let more people try?" Mark & I felt like we should share the natural power to more people because we were there. We know how frustrated seeing so many skincare in the cabinet but none of it helps. We started in 2018 with the brand "M.Y. Skincare" and we re-brand our business and "Mark & Yee Studio" officially established in 2019. We love to see more people wear healthy glowing skin with confident smile. 

What you get...

  • 100% Handmade by Mark & Yee
  • All natural ingredients
  • Freshly made in small batches
  • Organic ingredients where possible 
  • High quality plant oils + essential oils + botanicals 

 What you don't get...

  • NO nasty chemicals
  • NO sulphates
  • NO parabens
  • NO synthetic fragrance
  • NO mineral oils

 Handmade with loves in Melbourne