Deep Cleansing Oil

Deep Cleansing Oil

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Key Benefits: 

  • Remove make-up and impurities
  • Moisturize the skin
  • Rinse off easily with no residue

Ingredients: Rice Bran Oil, Castor Oil, Olive Oil, Polysorbate-85 Emulsifier, Natural Vitamin E

How to use:

Take 1 pump of Deep Cleansing Oil into dry hands. Massage onto dry face for one minute to dissolve impurities or make-up thoroughly. Emulsify the oil with a little of water in your hands and smooth over your face. Rinse your face with warm water (Warm water help to open pores and remove the impurities.)

For double cleanse, follow with our handmade soaps and then hydrate with floral mists to restore moisture.

External application only

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