New Stickers Arrived !

As a small business, we started small and we try to get everything done in our sweet home studio including sticker printing. We used to print our company logo stickers with our home printer but the quality wasn't satisfying. The resolution is not high enough and it's not water and oil resistant. We wanted to level up the sticker quality and luckily we're reached out by Oz Sticker Printing for collaboration at the perfect timing.

The whole collaboration process went smooth. Only few emails, we confirmed the sticker specifications and the design. To match our branding, we went for a simple square, black & white design. I'm really impressed with the efficiency of Oz Sticker Printing team. After I sent them the design, they sent me the print proof the other day and everything was good to go. The printing and delivery were fast and I received the parcel within a week.

The stickers are vinyl die cut stickers with matt finish. I'm very happy with the quality. The color is rich and the thickness is just right, not too thick or too thin. The material is stronger and thicker than normal paper stickers. It's also water and oil resistant. That's perfect for our product ranges as most of our products consist of plant oils and essential oils, such as deep cleansing oilmassage oilsface oils and body oil. 

The best part of these stickers is that they come with a split down back paper, so, it's very easy to remove the sticker from the back paper. The sticker adhere sturdy but easy to peel off without leaving residue.

Now, our mailing box is not just a boring white box. Love it. 

Thank you Oz Sticker Printing for inviting us for the collaboration. I highly recommend them because of their quality stickers, efficiency and the friendly customer service. Support Australian local business."